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step into 是步入.step onto是登上..谢谢求采纳

stepped [简明英汉词典]vbl.踏,行走

stepped up加紧拼音双语对照双语例句1Security is being stepped up to deal with the increase in violence.正在加强安保工作以应对日益增多的暴力活动.

step into 走到……(内部) step onto 走到……(表面) step on 踩上…;踏上…step in 插手,介入,干涉此题选D

side-stepped回避拼音双语对照双语例句1We side-stepped a Chilean request for 1,000 helmets and 2,000 flares for night-fighting.我们回避了智利要求提供一千顶头盔和两千枚夜战用照明弹的问题.

stepped cost 阶梯成本fixed cost 固定成本

They stepped out of the sun into the coolness.他们到阴凉处躲避烈日.He felt a sharp prick when he stepped on a upturned nail.他一脚踩在一枚尖头朝上的钉子上,感到一阵剧痛.The driver blew his horn when the child stepped in front of the car.

stepped on基本翻译vt. 踩上;踏上网络释义step on:踩死 | 踌躇的 | 走上


stepped onto the balcony[译]走到阳台

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