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obscurity[英][bskjrti][美][bskjrti]n.默默无闻; 晦涩; 朦胧; 费解; 复数:obscurities形近词:obscuringobscurine双语例句 1For the lucky few, there's the chance of being plucked from obscurity and thrown into the glamorous


/plk/ 译音:普拉克的.你可以去翻译网站哪里有专业的发音.希望对你有帮助.

Dawn blossoms plucked at dusk 朝花夕拾


你好!fennel 英[fenl] 美[fnl] n. 小茴香; <植>茴香; [例句]He plucked a stalk of dried fennel.他摘掉了干茴香的梗.

弹拨用手指或拨子弹琴弦三弦属弹拨乐器【忧乐美 团队---生同一个寝】为您解答=====满意请采纳为满意答案吧====

Today is Sunday, mom was not at home. Her name is myself at home to eat. I went to bought was plucked MAO's chicken. Wash pot, put the first three bowls of water, to cut the chicken into the pot, cover and then open the gas. Until the soup opened,

在星期天,同学去果园帮助农民摘苹果.他们架上梯子,几个同学爬上树采摘,不一会 together helping a peasant to pluck an apple.The tree has plucked our upper ladder of

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