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palaces:宫殿,读音类似“怕了死” 音标:英['plsz] 美['plsz] tourists:旅行者,读音类似“吐瑞思特”音标:英['trst] 美[trst]

many photos是句子的宾语. of 是“什么的”意思, the palaces in Beijing是北京的宫廷.of the palaces in Beijing用来修饰前面的photos 照片.整句是:他拍了很多北京宫廷照片.

magnificence[英][m'nfsns][美][mnfsns]n.华丽,富丽堂皇; 双语例句1It was the embodiment of princely magnificence.这体现了和亲王相称的富丽堂皇.2India is a land of architectural magnificence, having many ornate and exquisite temples, mountains, and palaces.印度是个在建筑上非常辉煌的国家,有许多华丽精美的寺院、纪念碑和宫殿.

n.宫,宫殿( palace的名词复数 )

photo有一个前置定语many,还有一个介词短语of the palaces in beijing作后置定语places有个介词短语in Beijing作后置定语

The Summer PaIace,历史该叫"颐和园"(见下),但也有一译作"夏宫".The Summer Palace (Chinese: 颐和园; pinyin: Yíhéyuán), is a vast ensemble of lakes, gardens and palaces in Beijing, China. It serves as a popular tourist

palace[英][plis] [美][pls] n.宫,宫殿;(主教)邸宅,宏伟大厦;华丽的娱乐场所复数:palaces

你说的是russia吧!Russia is the country of vast landscapes, vibrant life, beautiful contrasts, and interesting people. Taking an immense space of 9000 kilometers from west to east and 5000 from north to south, being home to people of so many

we had a good time well, national day was coming. i went to xiamen with my family and we went there by plane. after we got there, we went to the gu lang yu and the jin bang park. and we took many pictures, ate delicious food, went shopping and

went to BeiJingOn July 5th my parents took me to Beijing.We stayed at Huabei Hotel.On the first day,we went to the Great Wall.The Great Wall is very long and old.It has millions of bricks.Each brick is very big and heavy.Lots of people from different

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