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梧爆兆:lovely梧返:Bubba Sparxxx廨辞:dark days, bright nightshere it comes again come on, come on here it comes again come on, come onDon't i look extra slick in this nautica?Just think, it was you that she bought it forNow you lookin

梧爆:my lovely girl 梧返:b.a.d. 廨辞:司朔岻梧 b.a.d.- my lovely girl簡:廝慎琉爆:硬隗oh my lovely girl傍勣握厘抜描描吟吟(詭謹)oh my lovely girl音唯係危珊諾恁処笥(湊袋狢)oh my lovely girl音頁音峡涙梗議丶否(短嗤喘)oh my lovely

梧爆兆各:Lovely 梧返:署嶝忽 侭奉廨辞:Kim Jongkook Volume 3 梧爆扮海:4蛍29 梧簡:oh 貫遊欺重脅頁椎担辛握 oh 載従袷低頁厘議溺涛嗔 握貧阻吉棋 嶬攸腎賑匆頁載矢築議 厘握低 軸聞宸倖弊順嗤載謹是佃 匯心欺低 祥駲師鷏膣宜

lovely ------梧返:boyz ii men

梧爆兆:Lovely梧返:課鳰廨辞:眉繁麼吶らららら らららら らららら ららららここはどこなぁの? あたしは豊なの?なんかおかしいね どんまいどんまい´あなたの念では かっこつけたくて剃にテンパって し-まうわ´Ah みち

梧爆兆:Lovely梧返:Shawn McDonald廨辞:Ripen

梧爆兆:Lovely梧返:Lil Wayne廨辞:500 DegreezL.O.V.E.L.Y ~知需るLOVELY BOY~ | Tommy february6<2><1>匚腎にがるラメ秘りのラッキスタハトに曇が恠ればオロラの航け播(a twinkling over you!)ココロをつなぐ 啾の

梧爆兆:Lovely梧返32313133353236313431303231363533e58685e5aeb931333332633037:Kris Allen廨辞:Brand New ShoesKris Allen - LovelyLovely walking to meAll dressed up for the partyShe'll be talked about tomorrowBut sheWon't see

梧爆兆:Lovely梧返:Boyz II Men廨辞:Nathan Michael Shawn Wanyaらららら らららら らららら ららららここはどこなぁの? あたしは豊なの?なんかおかしいね どんまいどんまい´あなたの念では かっこつけたくて剃にテンパっ

梧爆兆:Lovely梧返:J.J. Johnson廨辞:J.J.'S BroadwayBreathe Carolina - LovelyOh no, my heart is getting heavy,Was I was forward?I kinda had the feeling that it's over,But know I know that I'm crazy(I think that I'm going nowhere)So scream loud

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