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应该是how long are your legs? 也可以说“how long should your legs be”



是虚拟。后面的have是因为词组 too...to太...而不能句型,to接原型have。意思是如果50英寸长的背脊鲸在陆地上的话,这样的腿太小了不能支撑它的身体。然后得出它毫无疑问完全海生。



This is a tale about 84 letters from Judy to Uncle Long Legs.It was Mr.Smith who patronaged her to college. So he requested her to wirte him ...

Your legs are too short!T: Of course I can.H:oh no .look at me ,My legs are long. Than I can run much more faster than you.T: Don\'t ...

It has two long legs. The most difficult thing for the giraffe to do is to drink because its legs are so long that it has to stretch its legs ...

1. What will you break once you say it? (什么东西一说出来就打破?) Silence(沉默) 2. Will liars be honest after they die? (骗子...

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