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litchi 复数litchis.补充:荔枝 litchi fruit 统称.lychee 复数lichees lychee英音:['laiti:]美音:['lati] litchi 复数litchis leechee 复数leechees

litchi英音:['li:ti:]美音:['liti] 名词 n. 【植】荔枝;荔枝果

litchi_百度词典litchi [英][li:ti:] [美][liti] n.荔枝,荔枝树

lychee 英 [lati:] 美 [liti] n. <汉>荔枝,荔枝树 荔枝; 浅设色荔枝图; 薄荷 1.the determination of anthocyanin and its degradation index (di)in lychee are studied. 本文研究了荔枝果皮总花色苷及其降解指数的含量测定. 2. conghua

lychees n. 荔枝(lychee的复数) lychee n. 荔枝(等于litchi)

sonn网络释义自组织神经网络(Self Organizing Neural Network)郭健等 [28] 使用四种广泛的分类方法最大似然分类(MLC)、自组织神经网络 (SONN)、支持向量机(SVM)以及决策树分类(DTC),选用增强型植被指数(Enhanced

Litchi is known as "king of fruit" litchi, abound in the Guangzhou Conghua, Zengcheng two city and city suburban district. Its fruit shape is unique, red in the face and pleasing to the eye, the flesh like a creamy, sweet and rich. Fine varieties of

[英] [li:ti:] [美] [liti] n. 荔枝,荔枝树相关例句1. The content of gibberellin ( GA ) and indole - 3 - acetic acid ( IAA ) in the young - shoot - tips of litchi ( Litchi chinensis Sonn. )(46.37K)荔枝 ( Litchi chinensisSonn. ) 嫩梢顶端的赤霉素 (

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