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internet age 互联网时代

您好翻译为 互联网 时代大学生活 希望办好祝你

College life in the internet age 在互联网时代的大学生活

Living in the future, this is my thought. I think the future is bright, the future is high, the development of science and technology can make our daily lives more efficient and convenient. At that time our students learn on th...

college life in the internet age 网络时代的大学生活

English is the dominant language of the Internet. The Internet will in turn become the dominant place to learn English. The way languages are learned is changing, and these changes are accelerating. The Internet is constantly e...

“How to Gather Information in the Internet Age”为 you can search in the internet you find all kinds of staff from the internet music ,movies ,and lessons

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