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how is going on

不一样,what是问什么,how是问方式。what is going on的意思是;在进行什么?how is going on的意思是:怎样进行? 例句: 1.Because they got a smart teacher, how is it going on with your coworkers?因为他们有个聪明的老师呀,你们同事怎么样?...

how is it going 意思是情况进展的怎么样?最近情况好吗? 肯定回答可以说Pretty good!(相当好)或者Everything goes well一切顺利(或者一切都很好)否定回答:可以说Not so well(不太好,很不好) 对情况不了解的话,可以说Well I don't know(我也...

How is it going on i 我这是怎么回事


不需要。 How is it going? 情况怎么样? 过得怎么样? What is going on? 怎么回事?

How is it going 情况怎么样;过得怎么样呀;情况怎麽样 例句 1.How is it going so far? 到现在做得怎么样? 2.los Angeles, California . how much is it going to cost ? 寄到加州的洛棚矶。要花多少钱? 3.Most people, it seems, have only...

意思是 事情进行的怎么样 1,固定短语 go on go on [英][ɡəu ɔn][美][ɡo ɑn] 发生; 进行; 过去; 向前走; 例句 Unemployment is likely to go on rising this year. 今年的失业人数可能会继续上升。 I don't want to leave, but I can'...

dear alex, how is everyone going/doing recently?

是对的 我的官司进展如何?

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