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FinD hEr puppy什么意思

find her puppy 找到她的小狗 puppy英[ˈpʌpi] 美[ˈpʌpi] n.小狗,幼犬; 浅薄自负的年轻男子; 狂妄自大的小伙子,呆笨的花花公子; 〈美俚〉脚; [网络]狗; 幼犬组; 狗狗; [例句]One Sunday he began trying to teach the two ...

A lovely puppy Stacy once had a lovely puppy. It was cute and adorable. It liked to jump around in the house and wave its lovely tail. ...

sad crying

D 玛丽打开门发现她爷爷躺在地上。 find sb. doing发现某人做某事

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