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FinD hEr puppy什么意思

find her puppy 找到她的小狗 puppy英[ˈpʌpi] 美[ˈpʌpi] n.小狗,幼犬; 浅薄自负的年轻男子; 狂妄自大的小伙子,呆笨的花花公子; 〈美俚〉脚; [网络]狗; 幼犬组; 狗狗; [例句]One Sunday he began trying to teach the two ...

Lucy couldn't find her puppy . She was so____at that time. A.happy B.shy C.brave D. worried lucy找不到她的小狗,她好担心,D 担心,着急

sad crying

sad 请采纳

1.Look at the puppy. It is her puppy. 2.Autumn 3.At home 4.Whose green plants are these?

She went to find her puppy in the park, but it was not there. Ted ...幸福也很复杂;复杂的让人不明白什么时候才是真正的幸福.其实只要你珍惜了,你的...

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