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BEgin with造句

begin with 的意思是:以.开始 比如:they begin the class with a song . 手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!

1.There was never much hope to begin with.从一开始就没有什么希望.2.To begin with,she is too young for that kind of job.首先,她做这种工作年纪还太轻3.It was fine to begin with and then it started to rain.起初天气很好,后来才开始下雨.4.You are wrong about the facts to begin with.首先你把事实都没弄对.

let's begin with Tom让我们从TOM开始

To begin with, I want to thank my parents and friends who helped me a lot.首先,我要感谢我的父母和朋友们,他们给了我许多帮助.

the film begin with a song.这部电影以一首歌开始了.

We can't go. To begin with. it's too cold.

He begin to study The movie started with a frightening scene

In addition it is very important to begin work with the instrument as soon as possible during study.此外,在乐器上不断摸索这种感觉是很重要的.

i always begin work on monday.(问题有些错误begin只有begin doing或者begin to do)

We usually begin our class with a song. Great men often begin a talk with "Ladies and gentlemen".

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