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bedtime英 [ bedtam ]美 [ bdtam ]n. 就寝时间; sleep英 [ sli:p ]美 [ slip ] vi.& link-v. 睡,睡觉; vi. 睡,睡觉;睡眠状态; vt. 为…提供床位;提供住宿;以睡觉打发日子; n. 睡眠;


bedtime 英[bedtabedtime是什么意思m] 美[bdtam] n. 就寝时间; [例句]It was eight-thirty, Trevor's bedtime. 八点半了,特雷弗该上床睡觉了.

英 ['bedtam] 美 ['bdtam] n. the time you go to bedn. 就寝时间adj. 适于睡前的1. So factor this into the timing of your bedtime routine. 跟读诚然,这是影响你日常的就寝时间的因素.article.yeeyan.org2. And if you do that and have a bad night,

sleep 英 [sli:p] 美 [slip]vi.& link-v.睡,睡觉vi.睡,睡觉;睡眠状态vt.为…提供床位;提供住宿;以睡觉打发日子n.睡眠例句:I can't get to sleep with all that singing.那些歌声搅得我无法入睡.bedtime英 [bedtam] 美 [bdtam]n.就寝时间例句:It's past your bedtime.你的就寝时间已经过了.

bedtime[英][bedtam][美][bdtam]n.就寝时间; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.If they have to play video games past your bedtime, they can mute the tv. 如果他们必须在你睡觉时间外玩游戏,让他们将电视调成无声.

歌曲名:Bedtime歌手:Usher专辑:My WayUsher & BabyfaceBedtime"I just want you so much. Can I have you baby, do you hear me baby?(verse 1)Craving your body all through the night, feels like I'm going through withdrawI want to hold you, I

bonne nuit 晚安 bonne nuit n.<法>晚安; 例句:1.So even though you probably won't be having a french conversation with your childvery soon, if you say "bonne nuit" every night at bedtime, she'll figure out what youmean. 即使你的孩子还不能很快和你进行法语对话,如果你每晚睡觉时间用法语说“晚安”,她也能明白你说的意思.

bedtime 英 ['bedtam] 美 ['bdtam]n. 就寝时间adj. 适于睡前的

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