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1、释义 smile[smail] [(+at)][+to-v] The bridegroom was smiling broadly.新郎满面笑容.(命运、天气等)有利,惠及[(+on/upon)] You'll get on well as long as the boss smiles on you.只要老板偏爱你,你会很顺利的.2、动词 vt.以微笑表示;以

laugh "笑"的过去式laughed:

you-are-pleased你是高兴的双语例句1. I am glad you are pleased with my little present. 我很高兴你对我的小礼物感到满意.来自互联网2. State you are pleased. 表示你很高兴.来自互联网3. You are pleased to scoff. 你喜欢嘲笑.来自互联网4.

family reunion dinner[英][fmili ri:ju:nin din][美][fmli rijunjn dn]年夜饭; 例句:1.The family reunion dinner is absolutely necessary. 团圆饭是必不可少的.2.Our family reunion dinner together. 我们全家在一起吃团圆

My weekend is very great!On sutaday,I usually get up at 8:00. in the morning. At 8:30 I eat breakfast. I Often go shopping.at 9:00. Then at 10:00 I play compute games. I eat lunch at 11 In the afternoon ,I do homework from 3 to .5. I play sports. After eating dinner I go to bed This is my weekend!

beaming with joy喜洋洋;满面喜色;满脸堆笑例句筛选1.Picture Jesus calmly standing in the midst of them all, speaking with a womanwhose face is beaming with joy.想象耶稣冷静地站在这些人中,正在与一个满脸喜悦的妇人说话.2.Tonight is

cara dillon的lake in the clean air

My week I know there are seven days in a week.They are: Monday ,Tuesday ,Wednesday ,Thursday ,Friday ,Saturday and Sunday.I spend all of them very happily. I go to school on Monday to Friday.We have some classes in school,such as Moral


turn up英[t:n p]美[tn p]释义出现; 翻起; 开大; (尤指失去后偶然)被发现数据合作方:金山词霸双语例句柯林斯词典同反义词英英释义百度知道1Sometimes I wonder whether anything ever will turn up.我有时怀疑是否真有转机出现.

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