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同问 accommodation什么意思啊急 2011-07-19 09:26 提问者: 匿名 |浏览次数:918次 我来帮他解答 精彩回答2011-07-19 10:20n. 1.适应;调节[U][S1]make an accommodation to wartime conditions 适应战时的条件 2.调和;和解[U][C]They

accommodation美式常用复数,是招待设备, This hospital has accommodations for 300 paitents. 这所医院有300张病床. accommodation road 专用道路

accommodation: a place to live -- 住处somewhere to live or stay -- 住宿residence:a house, especially a large or impressive one -- 住所;住房;住宅permission to live in a country that is not your own (在他国的)居住权,居留许可

n.1.适应;调节[U][S1]make an accommodation to wartime conditions 适应战时的条件 2.调和;和解[U][C]They reached an accommodation with neighboring countries.他们同邻国和解了.3.乐于助人[U]4.方便;方便设施[U][C]5.住处;膳宿[P1][U]overnight accommodations 过夜的住处 6.【美】(舟、车等处的)预订铺位(或座位)[P]He called the hotel for accommodations.他打电话给旅馆订房间.7.眼调节[U]8.【美】贷款9.融通票据的签发

I'm a 19-year-old female sophomore named Fu Ping. I hereby earnestly invite a foreign young ladycollege student preferredto make a three C week touring trip with me. My plan is to set off next weekend, when the summer vacation officially


in the student officestudent: morning sir.may i ask your some questions?officer: no problem. what's your question?student: well, i am an international student from canda. I asked for a dorm last monday.officer: so, you still don't have a room now?

accommodation 英 [km'de()n] 美 [,km'den] n. 住处,膳宿;调节;和解;预订铺位


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