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OnE wAy to Do sth造句

造句如下: Onr way to finish the task is to try much more times with your confidence.


He went out of his way to help others(精)(锐)

He always goes out of his way to help me when I am in trouble.

go-out-of-one's-way-to-do-sth 特地做某事 双语例句1. Workers scrambled to carry priceless objects out of harm's way. 工人们争先恐后地将价值连城的物品运到安全的地方。 来自柯林斯例句 2. Put the vase out of harm's way so the childr...

on one's way to do sth 以某人的方式做某事 例句 1、Twenty people died on the spot and one on way to Kuqa People's Hospital. 二十人在现场,一路上库车人民医院去世。 2、Chinese Valentine's Day falls on Aug 23 and one way of spendin...

one way to do sth 做某事的一种方法 . ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

go out of one's way to do sth.特别费心地做事 get out of one's way to do sth.不怕麻烦地做事

"on one's way to doing sth" : 接近做某事 He is well on his way to becoming an officer of the company 他就快当上公司的高管了 "on one's way to do sth" : 在去做某事的路上 She was on her way to do some shopping when she was knocked...

特意去(为某人)做某事 这件事不是顺路(by the way)就可以完成的,而是要绕道(go out of one's own way ),可以稍改一下句子顺序,变成: go out of one"s own way to do sth (for sb ).

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