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英文翻译:Dali bai autonomous prefecture is located in the west of central yunnan province, with an altitude of 2090 meters. It is adjacent to chuxiong prefecture in the east, puer city and lincang city in the south, baoshan city and nujiang state in the

Brief Introduction to Dali Before we get to our destination, I would like to give you a brief introduction to Dali. Why is it called “Dali”? As we all know, Dali has a long history. After the Kingdom of NanZhao, Duansiping established the Kingdom of

Dali full nameDali bai prefecture,Located in central yunnan province, comfort, city tour throughout east, west and erhai lakeSome features.Chakras.The weather is warm, fertile land, landscape beautiful scenery beautiful, is China's southwestern

the attractions in Kunming

帮助用英语云南昆明、丽江、大理、旅游Help with the English Kunming, Yunnan, Lijiang, Dali, tourism

Big buddha temples of Ningbo Dongqianhu Shaoxing municipal government mountain Hangzhou Shuang Xi bamboo sea wind-driven current Jia Xing City north and south Lake sky eye mountain Xin Chang county Muslim Buddhist

Shilin size, the Lions Pavilion, Jianfeng pool, Wang Feng Ting, Ashima, Old Town of Lijiang, the Quartet question, Lugu Lake, the island than in the Treasury, the Yulong Snow Mountain, Yunshaping small ropeways, Baishui River, Hanhai of… 大小石林、狮子亭、剑峰池、望峰亭、阿诗玛、丽江古城、四方待、沪沽湖、里务比岛、玉龙雪山、云杉坪小索道、白水河、甘海子…

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