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According to the report, with regard to the teachers and students engaged in business, there have been many disputes in the educational circle. Some people say since the state is not in a position to spend a lot of money on education, let the

A watch that Marilyn Monroe reportedly gave President Kennedy as a birthday gift has fetched $120,000 at an auction. The gold Rolex is inscribed: "Jack, With love as always from Marilyn May 29th 1962." Kennedy was born May 29, 1917. Bill

nigerian 'ritual murderer' lynched by mob 奈及利亚“仪式杀人犯”遭暴民私刑处决 a nigerian who confessed to taking part in the ritual murders of three women was beaten to death by an irate mob, police said recently. 一名供称参与三位妇女之仪

Charleston, SC. A man who went swimming yesterday morning found found dead on Folly Beach this morning. Beach goers discovered the body immediately reported the authority, who said that the man was probably killed by a shark. When the

Three Days to See

韩国研发出会跳舞的机器人 SKorea's dancing robot can also tackle the chores South Korean researchers said Monday they have developed a robot which can dance and get emotional when it's not tackling the chores. Mahru can move its lips,

My Hometown My hometown is beautiful place It stands near a wide river at the foot of low green hills. It has many tall buildings and wide streets. There are trees and flowers everywhere.I love my hometown, and I love its people. They also have

你好 我在美国上大三 有较强论文水平 希望能够帮助你 The Australian Middle School Student Visit Our School A delegation of 10 Australian Middle school students visited our school on June 2nd. They arrived at around 9am. Everyone in our school

On January 19, 2008 evening 10 o'clock, had the fire in the white clouds guesthouse 9 buildings, the fire has continued about for 3 hours, altogether has come more than 30 firemen.The multi-people are injured, 10 dead.Approximately estimates the

法国部长敦促布尔卡禁令 禁止穿长袍 , 法国将帮助蔓延的“毒瘤”的极端伊斯兰主义,一个女穆斯林部长说. urban regeneration minister fadela amara told the financial times that a veil covering everything but the eyes represented "the

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