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Huizhou is a big city and the people there enjoy a high level of civilization. 或者Huizhou is a big city and the people there are very civilized. 我不同意那一位的说法,其实,civilization可以指社会的文明也可以指人的文明,你查一...

翻译如下:做文明市民,创文明城市 Be a civilized citizen and create a civilized city.

When holiday comes, thousands of people pour into the tourist sites, they want to relax themselves and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But Chinese people have a bad habit, they like to leave some notes on the site, proving them ha...

the city is our big family,let's work hard together to build up civilized city

The city is the great invention of human civilization. Urbanization is an inevitable result of social development

Civilized travel is a manifestation of the quality of a person 文明旅游是一个人素质的表现

We should actively participate in the construction of civilized city

他们来自一个贫穷的小山村,那里的人们远离现代文明 They came from a poor village where people were far shut off civilization.

I am a civilian


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