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延迟的英文单词1.delay; lag; defer; postpone; put off; hold over; retard 1. 暂停,展宽一种由程序设置的可变持续时间的时间延迟 A programmed time delay of variable duration. 2. 令人懊恼的延迟; 计划的令人烦恼的挫折 A galling delay; ...

put off 1.延期,推迟;拖延 They decided to put the meeting off until after Christmas. 他们决定把会议推迟到圣诞节以后。 Owing to the state of the ground, the match has been put off. 由于场地状况不佳, 比赛推迟了。 The appointment w...

推迟用put off Put off the meeting till Saturday. 把会议推迟到星期六。 或者用postpone He postponed the meeting to tomorrow. 他将会议推迟到明天。 [详细]

你好! delay 英[dɪˈleɪ] 美[dɪˈle] n. 耽搁; 延迟,拖延; 被耽搁或推迟的时间; vt. 耽搁; 延期,推迟; vi. 延缓,延期; [例句]For sentimental reasons I wanted to delay my departure until June 因为感情方面的原...

延时:delay 输入中文有道还有一些其他的翻译,一起发给你。

Could you delay my check-out time a little? 出国日常英语口语: Pain in the neck. =Pain in the ass. 讨厌的东西、人或事。 Skeleton in the closet. 家丑 Don't get on my nerve! 别把我惹毛了! A fat chance. =A poor chance. 机会很校 ...

Delayed check-in

delay one day or put off to another day

晕死 defer 是动词... 应该用lag I got some lag when I played at home.

delay until after the spring festival

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