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延迟 英文

延迟的英文单词1.delay; lag; defer; postpone; put off; hold over; retard 1. 暂停,展宽一种由程序设置的可变持续时间的时间延迟 A programmed time delay of variable duration. 2. 令人懊恼的延迟; 计划的令人烦恼的挫折 A galling delay; ...

游戏很卡,延迟很高 英文翻译:The game is very card, the delay is very high. 重点词汇释义: 游戏:game; play; recreation; pastime 延迟:delay; lag; defer; postpone; detention

延时:delay 输入中文有道还有一些其他的翻译,一起发给你。

put off Women who put off having a baby often make the best mothers... 晚育的女性经常会成为最优秀的母亲。 The Association has put the event off until October. 协会已把这次活动推迟至10月。

物料又被延迟了一周 外贸 英文翻译 The material has been delayed a week of foreign trade

可以把我的退房时间延迟到一点吗? Can I delay my check-out time to a bit ? 中文翻译英文,把句子分成几个词语,先分段翻译出来,再用句式连起来,最主要的是要掌握扎实的语法。 把简单句的语法弄明白了,就能解决很大问题。比如给定词语中...

晕死 defer 是动词... 应该用lag I got some lag when I played at home.

Delayed check-in

便条题目:推迟会议 You, Peter or Mary, are a member of the Students' Union of your college. The Union had planned to hold a meeting tomorrow afternoon, but for some reason it has been put off. Now write a note to all concerned,...

Could my check-out time be postponed to one o'clock?

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