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borrow sth. from sb.

1.He is English He is from England2.borrow sth. from sb. ask sb. to lend sth

你好,通常用give来表达给的意思,给某人某物的两种翻译1、give sth. to sb.2、give sb. sth.希望我的回答能帮到您,谢谢.

答案是; give sb sth ,give sth to sb 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

1、用borrow borrow sth. from sb.2、用lend lend sth. to sb.

give somebody something以及give something to somebody 望尽快采纳谢谢.

send somebody somethinggive someone something

给某人某物 :show sth to sb show sb sth与……玩:play with

borrow something form somebodyat the end of the weekendto know morelisten to my question carefullyearlier than usualtwice a weekwin two matches - can't be sure with this, sorry.

把某物给某人看.英语句型(两种)是: show sb sth 和 show sth to sb.例句:show sb sth 1、Would you show me a hair style book? 你能给我拿本发型书吗?2、Would you show me a sofa bed? 你能带我看看沙发床吗?3、You want to show me

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