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One day, while Sue was cleaning under the bed, she found a small box. Curious, she opened it and found 3 eggs and 10,000 dollars. A little bit suspicious, she confronted her husband of twenty years about it."Oh, that," Frank said. "Every time I

简单英语:一. I'd like to check in please.我需要办理登机手续.check in 登记, 报到 到相应航空公司办理登机手续柜台 (check-in counter),与工作人员简单寒暄之后,你要向工作人员表明你需要办理登记手续.二. May I see your passport and

A:Good morning .The United Airlines .what can I do for you.早上好.美国联合航空公司. 请稍等.让我查一下那天是否有座.非常抱歉802次航班机票已订完.B:Then ,any

这种吗? 空乘口语,空乘英语,空乘服务英语 一.欢迎词: Good morning (Afternoon,Evening)Ladies and gentlemen : The crew member of XX Airlines has the pleasure of welcoming you aborad. Would you please put your seat in the upright

Dialogue 1 调座位P: PASSENGER F: FLIGHT STAFFP: Can I put my baggage here?F: OK.P: Could you change my seat, please?F: No problem. I will arrange it for you .Dialogue 2 点餐P: What kind of drinks do you have?F: We have coffee, tea,

m:空姐;c;乘客m:may i help you, sir?需要帮忙吗c;yes, could you please give me a cup of coffee?是啊,给我来杯咖啡好吗m:wait a a minute please请等一下m:here you are给您c:oh,thank you very much. ehis it


1、The flight has been delayed due to some mechanical troubles.The engineers are 由于机械故障,航班已延误,机械师们正在对飞机进行仔细检查.2、Owing to the air

I want to fly to Hong Kong on October 30th.我要在10月30日飞往香e799bee5baa6e4b893e5b19e31333330343837港.I want to go economy.我想要经济舱的票.情景会话:A: I want to fly to Hong Kong on October 30th.我要在10月30日飞往香港

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