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All the furniture has arrived, undamaged.正确,undamaged 做状语 except my parents 附属部分 ,谓语动词硬盒 no one 保持一致 No one except my parents knows anything about it 用does是一种省略,代指 receives


1 let's go to the classroom quickly 2 what is the girl doing? 3 the early bird catches worm. 4 which place does wangwei like best? 5 how often i play games with classmate!

1. How many lessons do you have every day?(你一天上几节课?) 2. Very few papils ride bicycles to school.(几乎没有小学生骑车去上学) 3. Thank you for your Christmas card.(谢谢你的圣诞卡片) 4. Could you tell me something about your...

There is enough water in the cup Sufficient water in the Cup In the glass there is sufficient water 有好几种说法

number是拉丁语numero 的缩写形式,第一个字母是N,最后一个字母是o,所以缩写成 No . 请采纳,谢谢

你好!首先,根据这个句子的回答( tomorrow,。。。)可以看出,是将来时态,所以,问句不能用一般现在时。其次,go shopping是个固定短语,意思是“去购物”,中间没有to,所以答案应该选C,进行表将来。 再者,would you like后面只能跟to,如Wo...

简单地说,描述状态的单个形容词习惯上放在被修饰的名词后面,即所谓“后置定语”。更多的例子: a friend close to him a car approaching a picture drawn work finished ...... 当然,这些形容词放在被修饰的名词前也是可以的: nearby restaur...

原句意思为:那听起来很棒!现需要对“good”进行提问,如下:How does that sound?这个是根据句子结构严格意义上的回答,没错。如果根据意译的话,可以提问如下,how about that?或者waht do you think that?

Why not help mom do the housework?

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