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请及时告知 Please inform 注: inform 英 [ɪnˈfɔ:m] 美 [ɪnˈfɔ:rm] .vt. 通知; 使活跃,使充满; 预示; vi. 通知; 告发; [例句]They would inform him of any progress they had made. 他们会把他们取得的任何进...

如果有任何服务需要提供请告知 英文 Should you have any service requirements to be provided, please let us know.

“如果有不妥的地方请及时和我联系”翻译如下: If there is anything wrong, please contact me in time. 单词分析: 1、如果if; in case; in the event of; supposing that; in the event 2、不妥inappropriate; improper; misgivings; not prop...

please tell me more specific circumstances,看你采纳谁得吧?嘻嘻

“我们被告知 / 通知”的英文:we had been told。“被告知”表示过去时,用be tell的过去式been told。had是作为助动词存在,是have的过去式,表示“有”之意。 例句:We had been told that the charge was'obstructing pedestrian traffic '. 我们...

商洽函 negotiation letter 叩问函 call-in letter 答复函 reply letter 请求函 request letter 奉告函 inform letter 联系函 contact letter 来函处理答复函 ?? 订货函 order letter 任命函 appointment letter 庆祝函 celebrate letter 感激函...

Dear Sir/Mdm, Please kindly introduce the right person who are in charge of ... and his/her contact information. Thank you. Best regards, XXX 尽管如此,如果对方不是公家机关或有告知你的义务,对方还是有可能拒绝,所以最好是一并写...

Below is last year quotation,pls inform whether can keep it .

提前3天告知 Inform 3 days in advance 英 [inˈfɔ:m] 美 [ɪnˈfɔrm] vt. 通知; 使活跃,使充满; 预示; vi. 通知; 告发;

请告知我具体的数量 Please tell me the number 请告知我具体的数量 Please tell me the number

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