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你好!雨露麻的面料Fabrics with dew and rain

雨露麻就是亚麻收割后,放在地上晾晒,通过天然雨水淋浇,脱皮去茎而制成的打成麻.织成布后上面有灰色的暗条,而且价格比其他类的亚麻贵很多 亚麻纤维是一种天然纤维,经过精湛的加工工艺,织成各种风格的亚麻织物,具有独特的线条

what and ill ,here are both used as advs.

一般布料的中英日文对照表 cotton / 绵 棉 linen / 麻布 亚麻 silk / 绢/シルク 真丝 ramie / ラミ 苎麻 rayon / レヨン 人造丝 viscose / ビスコス 粘胶纤维 nylon / ナイロン 尼龙 polyester / ポリエステル 涤纶/聚酯纤维

Please help me to develop votes(请帮我开发票)develop开;开发的意思它的音标是[di'velp]

Spring Festival节日要大写) is the festival that we expect most.When this special festival is around the corner(即将来临),everyone wears the big smile.People are occupied / busy with(忙于做某事) affixing to/ pasting "fu" word,putting up

1、With the rising of the price of flour,the price of bread is also rising.2、You didn't tell me what kind of apple do you want,so I took you an apple for random.3、你觉得热到前面的海去游泳吧 这句中文还没弄懂呢.4、You can do it by yourself.5、There are a lot of noodles in the shop.6、There are seldom noodles in the shop.大概是这样说的吧.

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1.逻辑记忆:通过词的本身的内部逻辑关系,词与词之间的外部逻辑关系记忆单词.1)把几个字母看作做一个来记 如:"ight" light, right, fight, night, might, sight, tight 2)外旧内新,如:bridge “桥”看成 b+ridge ridge "山脊”sharp 看成 s+

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