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凭此优惠券可抵作人民币38元消费Present this coupon at the store and you will receive 38 yuan off your on your purchase.此代金券不可兑换现金,每人次限用一张 Non-transerable, no cash value. Limit one coupon per person, per visit.

cash touch valence 现金抵价券cash coupon 现金折扣券


This coupon can substitute for 100 Yuan cash .这张抵用券可以当100元现金使用就是这张券可以替换(抵用)100元现金.

很高兴帮助你我是英语专业的学生,今天刚刚考完了,心情很愉快.看到这个问题就点进来了,信手写了一篇可能有错,看看能不能帮到你大概190个词 As is known to us all,when it comes to shopping,we can't help thinking of some coupons

此券不可兑换现金,不找零的翻译是:this coupon can not be exchanged for cash, do not change zero

最低消费达到二百元者可以获得优惠券翻译是:with a minimum of two hundred yuan, a coupon can be obtained.

1.Tom can buys clothes in the clothes store.2.Do you sell books to the students.3.What color hats do you want to buy?全是C错.You can buy the great bags for sports at a very favorable price.接price的介

A guest in sj Sharon bought a 500 yuan VIP cards, spending 329.4. Then bought two shampoo刷卡pay, a 200 another 136.1 hours after the guests returned, said she will have to leave Beijing, no c


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